THE SUNDAY LETTER: In Defense of Being Lazy

Happy Sunday --

I find it funny that "lazy" gets such a bad rap in our society, but "busy" is worn as a badge of honor.

One would never post about how "lazy" they are on social media...(oh, the shame!)

But that same person can clearly demonstrate their status among the higher echelon of executives and entrepreneurs by declaring themselves as BUSY.

That's too bad. Why?

Busy is bullshit.

Busy reflects choices.

So, when you tell your kid, "Sorry, Janie, I HAD to miss your soccer game because I'm so busy at work"...

What you're really saying is, "Sorry, Janie, I CHOSE to miss your soccer game because I'd rather be working."

Harsh? Yep.

Too bad.

And because of the dopamine rush we get from feeling so proud when we declare our "busy-ness", it becomes an addiction.

We begin to confuse "success" with how busy we are.

Hell, we begin to confuse "productive" with "busy" (pro tip: they don't mean the same thing).

Nope, I'm a true believe that lazy people are the true innovators.

Yep, you read that correctly.

"Busy" people will always seek to add the extra meeting.

"Busy" people will always seek to stretch out the conference call.

"Busy" people will always seek the most complicated answer to a simple problem.

They do it because it means it'll make them busier.

And busier = successful.

Busier = status.

Busier means you can show up late to the bar with your friends and declare, "Sorry, I'm late, friends, but I'm just so BUSY at work because I have SO MUCH responsibility."

Not lazy people.

We lazy people always look for the shortest, simplest, straightest line to our outcomes.

We lazy people don't like to judge our day by how many inputs we can cram into the day.

We lazy people look for the shortcut because we just don't have time for B.S. rules.

We lazy people will invent efficient processes because we just want to get on with life.

We lazy people would rather arrive at the bar early and get a good seat, than to make a mad dash from the office to meet our friends in rush hour traffic.

Sure, there are different levels of lazy.

I don't sit on the couch all day in my pajamas.

But I don't want to waste time where I don't need to waste time.

I get my outcomes done and then I move on.

Now, you may be thinking, you're not describing "lazy" ... you're describing "efficient."


But I know plenty of people who are very efficient at being busy.

The more efficient they get, the more B.S. inputs they cram into their day.

I'm lazy. I like to subtract from my day.

I don't listen to the "gurus" who say I absolutely have to get up at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. in order to be healthy, happy, and productive.

Nope. I get up when I get up.

When I don't want to take a call, I cancel it.

I didn't want to do 1:1 video coaching calls anymore, so I stopped doing video calls (we all survived with audio calls up until a few years ago).

The minute I feel like I have to be busy is the minute I know I'm no longer free.

So, this week, try being lazy.

It doesn't mean you don't work hard.

But it means you can work intensely on the RIGHT things with a goal of getting them done quick so you can move on.

Life's too short to be busy.

Have a great week,


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